What is lightstrong

LightStrong is an Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) block that is manufactured in Cebu, Philippines. It is an industrially produced lightweight building material made from all-natural fine ingredients. It is a homogenous concrete solid block and weighs approximately one-third of the weight of conventional concrete. LightStrong is a cost-effective wall system as experienced and validated by the users from both public and private sectors.

It contributes greatly to the reduction of the construction duration as installation of LightStrong blocks is faster than conventional concrete wall systems. Furthermore, it reduces cost of foundation and other structural members due to its lightweight property. Buildings constructed with LightStrong Blocks are safe as its wall has a fire rating of more than four (4) hours and is earthquake resilient. Its excellent thermal efficiency also reduces energy cost. Plus, this product is eco-friendly, too!

How to Install LightStrong AAC Blocks

Faced with tight deadlines? With LightStrong AAC Blocks, installation is a breeze. Here’s a step-by-step guide through the process to give you an idea!

Hollow Block vs. LightStrong Block

Parameters 4″ Hollow Block 4″ LS Block 6″ LightStrong Block
Size 0.2m x 0.4m x 0.09m 0.6m x 0.3m x 0.1m 0.6m x 0.3m x 0.15m
Raw Materials Sand, Cement, Gravel Sand, Cement, Gypsum, Quicklime, Water Sand, Cement, Gypsum, Quicklime, Water
Compressive Strength Varies 450-PSI(ASTM C1693) 450-PSI(ASTM C1693)
Dry Density 2000 kg/m3 750 kg/m3 750 kg/m3
Sound Insulation STC 45 STC 47-50 STC 52-55 (ASTM E336)
Fire Resistance 2 hrs More than 4-hrs(ASTM E119) More than 4-hrs(ASTM E119)
Heat Insulation NO YES YES
Installation Time Typical 2-3 Time faster(1 worker) 2-3 Time faster(1 worker)

Head Office
#233 Pope John Paul II Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Telephone: +63 (32) 233-1234
Mobile: +63 920 920 0158
Email: lighstrong@primary.com.ph

Manila Office Address
Unit 401, Acrocity Building,
1116 Antipolo St.,Brgy. Poblacion Makati City 1210
Mobile: +63 949 993 1303
Mobile: +63 920 920 0158

Depot Address
Sta. Clara, Batangas City
Mobile: +63 917 853 4469
Mobile: Mobile: +63 949 993 1303

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